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Solar eclipse w Baily's Beads, Prominences & Corona 170821-101821-A7R2-21844Cape Kiwanda & Haystack Rock under the stars 120821-002129-MK4-12039Painted Hills basin view from Carrol Ridge 180604-082052-A7R2-28156Red Hill in grand basin w sage from Carrol Rim 180604-075417-A7R2-28148170408-132941-A7R2-17508  'It's On, Rain or Shine' - YC Farm FestCrimson Clover w granery 180517-180244-A7R2-27401St Helens view from the Hummocks 170509-195349-A7R2-19005Snowy Oaks 170111-124240-A7R2-16065Frosty Morning at the Pond (Mat and Frame Simulation 111223-092439-Mk4-7200Burned Sagebrush Snag & Sierras 111012-073926-MK4-1948The Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills, CA 121016-062053-MK4-15811+12Their Golden Years in the Forest 140908-101834-5D-19145Moonset over Chehalem Valley Mill, Newberg OR 120606-053640-MK4-17520Zinnia w bumblebee 170823-102852-A7R2-21924Blue Iris, Schreiner's Iris Gardens, Brooks, OR 150429-131358-5D-25413Shooting Star - Dodecatheon 140618-183009-5D-11499Bumblebee on Desert Clover 110623-195112-MK3-5409Monarch larva on milkweed, 50 mm stage 150630-132113-5DM3-29121smAdult Monarch nectaring on Milkweed 150627-092717-5D-29011Philodendron leaves in backlight 120127-080216-Mk4-8923