Sandra Carter(non-registered)
Just checked out your website Craig. Your photos are amazing! We briefly met a couple of weeks ago when I was at Lake Mono (or is it Mono Lake?). I was there with my son Mat - the English people taking snaps on their way across the USA on Route 66. It was great to meet you.
Barbara Waltman(non-registered)
Craig, Your photography is absolutely beautiful. Enjoyed looking at them.What an adventure you have had.
Ricardo Miller(non-registered)
It was a real honour to have you in Jamaica photographing our birds. I look forward to seeing those photos. Your present collection is stunning to say the least. I have only managed to look at a few so far but you can be sure I will be back for more.
Sharon and Don Coggswell(non-registered)
Craig your phots are inspiring. I just love them. They are true works of art. It was sooo fun being with you and Susan again exploring the world. Finally got my photos done last night. Not like yours, but I got a couple of decent shots.

Don and Sharon
Craig, you talent is unbelievable--so glad that I had a chance to view
your work--from God's eyes to Craig's camera---fantastic--
Brian Campbell(non-registered)
Craig - A pleasure meeting you at Winters Hill Winery last week. Your seasonal photos give me a chance to enjoy views otherwise missed. Thanks for sharing your talents!
Barry Reeves(non-registered)
Craig - Fantastic photos! I especially enjoyed the landscapes from Winters Hill Winery and John Day fossil beds.
Rick Rottman(non-registered)
Nicely done, Craig.
Great shots.
Ann Hofbauer(non-registered)
You are very talented and I feel "in that moment" when viewing each image. Thanks Craig!
Sherill Roberts(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning, Craig. And I like the black background. It's very dramatic and sets off your photos beautifully.
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