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Painted Hills w Junipers 110623-104450-MK3-5318Storm Crossing Goose Lake 111019-094008-Mk4-3936+3938Leaf Trail, Painted Hills, Mitchell, OR 110623-072610-MK3-5239Painted Hills evening scene 110623-200522-MK3-5412Juniper & Moon, Painted Cove 110623-103654-MK3-5315Prairie Clover, Painted Hills, OR 110623-081320-MK3-5256Bumblebee on Desert Clover 110623-195112-MK3-5409Painted Hills, full pano 110623-202557-MK3-5434-38 & 50Painted Hills, LH Panel 110623-202557-MK3-5434-38 & 50Painted Hills, Mid Panel 110623-202557-MK3-5434-38 & 50Painted Hills, RH Panel 110623-202557-MK3-5434-38 & 50Painted Hills, Camp Hancock, OR 100514-MK3-5730,33John Day Painted Hills, Clarno Unit 100516-MK3-5984John Day Painted Hills, Clarno Unit 100516-MK3-5987Fort Rock Sunset 111019-181934-Mk4-4115Early morning @ Painted Hills National Monument, view E from Overlook 180604-053000-A7R2-28103View E from Overlook 180604-060035-A7R2-28111Dawn in the Painted Hills 180604-055744-A7R2-28109View of grand basin E from Overlook 180604-054122-A7R2-28104,5Red Hill SW of Overlook 180604-060135-A7R2-28113