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Morning mist and trees, Ngorongoro Crater 081213-MK3-6669Ndutu moonrise with Acacias 081213-MK3-6918Masai Herders driving their animals 081218-MK3-8609Ndutu sunset w Acacias 081214-MK3-7221Burbayar Lodge in Starlight 110413-MK3-0368Cecropia & Milky Way at Burbayar 110414-MK3-0391Canopy Tower Dome pano 110418-MK3-1263-65Burbayar cabina w cloud trails 110413-MK3-0381Canopy Tower, Panama 110416-40D-2083Bridge at Panama Zoo 110418-085424-MK3-1341Canopy Lodge tree house & pond 110419-062223-MK3-1503Bodie ore processing mill 111010-084549-MK4-0821Sierra Sunset 111016-182317-Mk4-3275, 82, 85 and 86Moonset over the Sierras 111012-063935-MK4-1882Moonset over the Sierras 111012-070714-MK4-1905Mono Lake Dawn, blue and gold 111012-062727-MK4-1878Mono Lake dusk with earth shadow 111016-182900-Mk4-3296Mono Lake Sunrise from Test Station Road 111017-064913-MK4-3347Moonrise over  Mono Lake, CA 111011-183307-MK4-1839Moonrise over  Mono Lake, CA 111011-184024-MK4-1852

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Jennifer Zeiset(non-registered)
These shots are nothing short of amazing! You captured the beauty of creation in a way that is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing your gift with others.
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