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Geese taking flight on Mt Hood Sunrise 100410-MK3-3521Mt Hood in afterglow 120111-165818-Mk4-7432Mt Jefferson view from Battle Axe Mtn 101102-MK3-5291 MtVenus, Jupiter and Pleiades aligned over Mt Jefferson 120801-044921-MK4-11153Elk Lake morning 101103-MK3-5520Alpine Firs at Elk Lake 101103-MK3-5507 v2Lower Proxy Falls 101007-MK3-4110Lower Proxy falls 101007-MK3-4098Elk Lake Troll 101103-MK3-5561Detroit Lake Gargoyle 101103-MK3-5606Wood Spirit 101006-MK3-4038Ponderosa Pines with golden ferns 111020-132310-Mk4-4231Cascade below Sahalie Falls 111031-083707-Mk4-4577, 78Bumble bee on Dodecatheon, Battle Axe Mtn pools 120801-131628-MK4-11324Crab Spider w Cranefly on Dodecatheon 120801-131731-MK4-11326Viola macloskeyi, Battle Axe Mtn bogs 120801-123715-MK4-11297Their Golden Years in the Forest 140908-101834-5D-19145Shooting Star - Dodecatheon 140618-183009-5D-11499Western Dipper, McKenzie River 140619-120201-5D-11634Mt Hood Sunrise rays & halo 150904-063832-5D-31183