Craig P Markham Photography | June 2018 Additions - Oregon Painted Hills National Monument

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Early morning @ Painted Hills National Monument, view E from Overlook 180604-053000-A7R2-28103View E from Overlook 180604-060035-A7R2-28111Dawn in the Painted Hills 180604-055744-A7R2-28109View of grand basin E from Overlook 180604-054122-A7R2-28104,5Red Hill SW of Overlook 180604-060135-A7R2-28113View S from Overlook w bench 180604-060315-A7R2-28114Three Hills in upper basin 180604-065411-A7R2-28124Grand Bluffs view from Carrol Rim 180604-065913-A7R2-28127Red Hill in Upper Grand Basin - viewed from Carrol Rim 180604-075257-A7R2-28147Red Hill in grand basin w sage - from Carrol Rim 180604-075417-A7R2-28148Painted Hills pano 180604-063753-A7R2-28118-23smGrand Basin Panorama  from Carrol Rim 180604-073506-A7R2-28135-40Panorama from Carrol Rim 180604-084907-A7R2-28161Grand Basin from Carrol Rim notch 180604-071330-A7R2-28129Painted Hills basin view from Carrol Rim 180604-082052-A7R2-28156View S from Carrol Rim 180604-080518-A7R2-28151Cypripedium montana - Ochoco Mtns, OR 180604-154009-A7R2-28295180604-102722-A7R2-28193 Butterfly180604-094913-A7R2-28179 Painted Cove180604-140139-A7R2-28285 Grand Basin