Craig P Markham Photography | Wildflowers at the Abby-Kuehne-Hendricks Road intersection - Jun - Jul 2016

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The Cheahmill Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon volunteered to develop a project to demonstrate the feasibility of seeding a large highway island with native meadow species that included wildflowers. Here are some of the wildflowers that germinated from the seeds planted last October at the Abby-Kuehne-Hendricks Road intersection meadow restoration site. This is being carried out by NPSO in cooperation with Yamhill County Public Works a the YC SWCD.

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Phacelia heterophylla 160602-135937-7Rm2-10682Showy Tarweed - Madia elegans 160602-183609-7Rm2-10732Collomia grandiflora 160531-212218-7Rm2-10550Collomia grandiflora 160531-212659-7Rm2-10552Epilobium densiflorum - Dense flower spike Primrose 160602-122326-7Rm2-10624Streambank Lipine - Lupinus rivularis 160531-232609-7Rm2-10568Aquilegia formosa 160602-152105-7Rm2-10690Blue-eyed Mary - Collinsia grandiflora  160601-000116-7Rm2-10583Blue-eyed Mary - Collinsia grandiflora  160602-140746-7Rm2-10688Monkey Flower - Mimulus guttata 160531-232946-7Rm2-10572Blue-headed Gilia - Gilia capitata 160602-190128-7Rm2-10744Italian Ryegrass - Lolium multiflorum 160531-234926-7Rm2-10576Sharpshooter on Juncus 160707-123215-7Rm2-11751Clarkia amoena 160707-130246-7Rm2-11782Clarkia amoena & Lupinus rivularis foliage 160707-115327-7Rm2-11716Clarkia amoena 160707-120343-7Rm2-11728Clarkia amoena closeup 160707-120208-7Rm2-11724160707-114813-7Rm2-11713 AKH view south to northRestoration area looking S 160707-115241-7Rm2-11715Typical groundcover N end of restoration area 160707-115547-7Rm2-11718