Craig P Markham Photography | Newberg, Oregon

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The city of Newberg, Oregon has a few landmarks that add visual interest and historic perspective.

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130430-173443-Chehalem Valley Mill, late afternoon MK4-25236-38_HDR -Chehalem Valley Mill 170711-052532-A7R2-21229Chehalem Valley Mill NE View, predawn 180131-061705-A7R2-25203Chehalem Valley Mill at night 120530-011342-MK4-16877Chehalem Valley Mill, SW view 180131-054657-A7R2-25192Chehalem Valley Mill 171117-172347-A7R2-24283Chehalem Valley Mill upper stories w Sunset clouds 130219-174348-MK4-22917, 19Moon over Chehalem Valley Mill, Newberg OR 120606-061311-MK4-17546Barn Owl at Chehalem Valley Mill 120720-212932-MK4-10869Barn Owl in the Window 130216-001158-MK4-22850Barn Owl, Chehalem Valley Mill 130216-002103-MK4-22856Autumn Dawn at Rodger's Landing 101016-MK3-4726Moonrise at Rogers Landing, Newberg, OR 141005-190204-5D-10723S&P Bridge on Willamette, predawn fog 151021-065705-7RM2-03821smMoonrise at Rogers Landing, Willamette River 140809-202955-5D-18820140809-210037-5D-18832 Moonrise at Rogers Landing, Willamette RiverS&P Mill, Newberg, OR, sunset w storm clouds 150521-203638-5D-26515Defunct S&P Mill, Newberg, OR 180628-210942-A7R2-28704Defunct S&P Mill, Newberg, OR 180628-211211-A7R2-28708