Craig P Markham Photography | Monarch Butterfly Development (1 July Update)

Created 18-Jun-15
Modified 7-Jul-15
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This is my ongoing 2015 photographic record of the development of Monarch butterflies on milkweed plants at Winter's Hill Winery near Lafayette, OR. For an excellent illustrated description of the butterfly's development process, visit

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Adult Monarch nectaring on Milkweed 150627-092717-5D-29011Monarch Butterfly Egg on Milkweed Leaf 150619-185311-5D-28552smMonarch Butterfly egg close-up 150621-105613-5D-287286mm Monarch Butterfly Larva on Milkweed 150619-184756-5D-285516mm Monarch Butterfly larva, 0.25-inch 150619-183512-5D-28546sm9mm Monarch Butterfly larva on milkweed 150621-084648-5D-286489mm Monarch Butterfly larva on milkweed 150621-085215-5D-28653smMonarch larva @ 40 mm stage - crawling onto Sedum 150627-100912-5D-29060Monarch larva @ 40 mm stage - resting on Sedum. 150627-101353-5D-29067Monarch larva on milkweed, 50 mm stage 150630-132113-5DM3-29121sm150705-123713-5D-29393sm Monarch Chrysalis