Craig P Markham Photography | Spring's arrival March 2017 - 9-May-17

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Male Western bluebird @ Winter's Hill 170507-194139-A7R2-18923Turkey vulture 170323-092958-A7R2-16941Male Flicker at new hole 170329-180258-A7R2-17075male flicker at nest hole 170503-112807-A7R2-18820Anna's Hummingbird fem 170422-165940-A7R2-18462Anna's Hummingbird fem 170422-165613-A7R2-18455Bleeding Heart, front garden 170420-140022-A7R2-18383Flowers of Red Elderberry 170422-111738-A7R2-18450Waxing Crescent Moon 170331-195103-A7R2-17096Waxing gibbous Moon 170503-211711-A7R2-18828Waxing gibbous moon, nearly full 170508-223744-A7R2-18967Winery scene after a late afternoon storm 170504-190128-5DM4-03039St Helens view from the Hummocks 170509-195349-A7R2-19005