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Barn Owl, Chehalem Valley Mill 130216-002103-MK4-22856Barn Owl at Chehalem Valley Mill 120720-212932-MK4-10869Barn Owl in the Window 130216-001158-MK4-22850Great Horned Owl Fledgling 120705-002628-MK4-19211Western Screech Owl, TRNWR 100310-MK3-2454Kestrels mating 160419-204001-5D-33526Red-tailed Hawk 081021-MK3-3540Red-Tailed Hawk, Immature 111213-133625-Mk4-6929Bainbridge Eagle Pair 120323-072754-MK4-11337Eagle Pair, Bainbridge, WA 120322-142258-MK4-11189Purple Martin male 120513-080702-MK4-15832Purple Martin pair 120513-080251-MK4-15831v3Evening Grosbeak Male 120512-151302-MK4-15708Evening Grosbeak female 120512-151121-MK4-15703Mark's hen 120206-114746-Mk4-9485Black-capped Chickadee 111222-153352-Mk4-7162Male Flickers Sparring 110405-091250-MK3-9388Northern Flickers mating 110430-112616-MK3-2137Male Northern Flicker landing at nest cavity 110614-121236-MK3-4902 & 4594 V2Female Northern Flicker feeding male chick 110618-175443-MK3-5014

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