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The Native Plant Society of Oregon (NPSO) held its 2012 annual meeting/outing at the Siskiyou Field Institute near Selma Oregon. I visited and photographed the Deer Creek Fen on the Institute's grounds several times during the weekend. After the NPSO outings, Susan and I enjoyed an additional three days exploring the Oregon Caves vicinity. Here are some of the images I created.

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Darlingtonia californica 120713-161420-MK4-09496Darlingtonia - fly's last view 120713-154243-MK4-09480Darlingtonia pair 120713-172924-MK4-09548Darlingtonia colony 120714-061657-MK4-09628Calochortus howellii - Howell's Mariposa Lily 120714-102818-MK4-09679Calochortus howellii - Howell's Mariposa Lily 120714-102346-MK4-09676Campanula prenanthoides - California Harebell 120714-120854-MK4-09714Leaves of Three... 120713-174656-MK4-09561Fence Lizard in Deer Cr Fen 120713-172317-MK4-09544Siskiyou Field Institute view - pano 120715-062907-MK4-09836Boraginaceae 120716-124419-MK4-10126Veratrum & Lupines, Bigelow Lakes Basin 120716-155247-MK4-10193Wasp on Potentilla flower 120716-153841-MK4-10186Butterfly Larva on Lathyrus polyphyllus flowers 120716-162406-MK4-10204Collomia grandiflora, Bigelow Lakes Basin 120716-163805-MK4-10205Rattlesnake Plantain - Goodyera oblongata 120717-141343-MK4-10390Woodland Phlox - Phlox adsurgens 120717-142438-MK4-10394Phantom Orchid - Cephalanthera augustinae 120718-115710-MK4-10486Spotted Coral Root - Corallorhiza maculata, w Crab Spider 120718-120632-MK4-10495Spotted Coral Root - Corallorhiza maculata, with Crab spider 120718-120841-MK4-10497