Craig P Markham Photography | Eastern Sierras, CA Fall 2011

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Images made during my travels through Eastern California from Oregon to Death Valley before, during and after a 3-day Eastern Sierras photography workshop led by professional photographer, Jack Graham, and assisted by talented photographer, Guy Tal.

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Bodie ore processing mill 111010-084549-MK4-0821Couch with a Church view - Bodie, CA 111013-151632-MK4-2455, 56, 57 HDR -Avocet Feeding, Mono Lake 111011-070823-MK4-1229Mono Lake Avocet Pair 111018-094710-Mk4-3777Avocet close-up 111018-094850-Mk4-3782Fall Colors near Conway Pass, CA 121012-133309-MK4-14759Sierra Sunset 111016-182317-Mk4-3275, 82, 85 and 86Moonset over the Sierras 111012-063935-MK4-1882Moonset over the Sierras 111012-070714-MK4-1905Mono Lake Dawn, blue and gold 111012-062727-MK4-1878Mono Lake dusk with earth shadow 111016-182900-Mk4-3296Mono Lake Sunrise from Test Station Road 111017-064913-MK4-3347Moonrise over  Mono Lake, CA 111011-183307-MK4-1839Moonrise over  Mono Lake, CA 111011-184024-MK4-1852Burned Sagebrush Snag & Sierras 111012-073926-MK4-1948Burned Sage & Sierras B&W 111012-073926-MK4-01948Mono Lake Tufa with reflected sunset light 111012-173124-MK4-2108Mono Lake Sunrise with Big Dipper and Cottonwood 111018-061201-Mk4-3641Convict Lake, CA 111014-130240-MK4-2680Bristlecone roots 111015-152956-MK4-2956-58 HDR