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'Diamond Ring' stage of the eclipse 170821-101918-5DM4-03863Solar eclipse w Baily's Beads, Prominences & Corona 170821-101821-A7R2-21844A quiet moment in the twilight of the partial eclipse 170821-104148-5DM4-03893Self-seeded blue Clematis by house 170701-182255-A7R2-20952Tansy Ragwort 170703-122124-A7R2-21004Tansy Ragwort w Cinnabar moth larvae 170703-122255-A7R2-21006Cardinal Meadowhawk Dragonfly 170709-104359-A7R2-21190Chehalem Valley Mill 170711-052532-A7R2-21229Crawford Pond crescent moonset 170726-213012-A7R2-21474Tiger Swallowtail on Zinnia 170809-112317-A7R2-21611Skipper Butterfly on Zinnia 170811-122232-A7R2-21703Zinnia w bumblebee 170823-102852-A7R2-21924