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Frosty Morning at the Pond 111223-092439-Mk4-7200Misty spring morning at the pond 120414-083146-MK4-12880Winter sunset on the pond 111224-165022-Mk4-7298Crawford Rd pond w moonset 130226-061612-MK4-23095Bleeding Heart 150412-124541-5D-24576Irises in sunset - Schreiner's Iris Gardens 130513-203746-MK4-25790-92Frosty Filbert 111223-084326-Mk4-7182Cherry Orchard, Grand Is, Oregon 110510-MK3-3020-226-horse team, Yamhill Co Farm Fest 160409-154027-7RM2-07892Moonrise over the Winery 150304-174338-5D-23454150511-142501-5D-26147-50 Cruickshank Oaks, FarmSnowy Oaks 170111-124240-A7R2-16065Snowy Oaks 170111-124240-A7R2-16065TRNWR Moonset and ice 170113-075418-A7R2-16085TRNWR snag 170113-074404-A7R2-16080